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A real time communication

Tweet ThisSend to Facebook | by Kyoko Murakami
On 20th of March at 7:00am-8:30am we did a real-time communication between kids at Oshiage elementary school and a teacher at the PS161.  One kid at Narihira elementary school specially took part in this event. It is because he had been in NY for approximately 7 years and he went back to Japan when he was the second grade.  It was a fun time. 
At the beginning Oshiage kids were so shy that they rarely asked question by themselves.  But eventually they were  relaxing and asked many questions to a teacher at PS161.  Next time we want to do another real-time communication between Oshiage kids and PS161 kids.  It should be fun!  You will see what happen the next.  Kyoko- 

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